The Advantages Of Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Debt Relief

Individuals and families who have fallen on financial hard times, and are considering a consumer bankruptcy filing, know they have a friend and trusted advisor in our Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC, law firm.

During the decades of our skilled bankruptcy lawyers' combined experience, we have helped a great many Cook County clients to achieve true debt relief that makes money problems a thing of the past.

We customize our representation to fit your exact situation. For example, assuming you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy via the "means test," we can show you how to discharge (eliminate) most debt for the "fresh start" you are seeking. Or you may prefer the comfortable three-to-five-year debt restructuring and repayment plan of the Chapter 13 method. There are other alternatives to bankruptcy that we can explore with you as well.

Once we have arrived at the approach that's right for you, you can begin benefiting from the "automatic stay" — a feature that stops foreclosure efforts against your home, repossession of your car or truck, creditor harassment of all kinds and court-ordered garnishment of your wages.

Other facets of bankruptcy you will want to know about are property exemptions that allow you to keep certain possessions; strategies such as lien stripping and loan modifications; and your legal ability to erase mounting medical debt and credit card debt.

Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys At Law, LLC — We Have The Facts You Need About Bankruptcy Protection

Our main message is this: All is not lost. You have options. Bankruptcy laws are on the books to help people just like you. To hear those options spelled out, in person, please call our Adel, Georgia, law offices at 229-785-8049 or stay online to send an email message.

We are a debt relief agency. We counsel clients according to Federal Bankruptcy Code.