Were You Arrested For A Crime?

Criminal arrests disrupt lives and divide families. Criminal convictions are even more harmful, creating a criminal record for the guilty party that is difficult to overcome.

Are you at risk for a jail term, heavy fines and restitution and a record as a felon while you await trial in Cook County or elsewhere in Georgia?

The experienced Adel criminal defense law firm that stands up for your rights — during investigations, negotiations with prosecutors and arguments in court — is Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC.

From credible defenses against serious charges of drug possession, to DUI, to a series of traffic tickets and every alleged offense in between, we have the vigorous, versatile lawyers who work as a team to protect your interests.

If we can discredit police behavior toward you, we will. If your rights were violated, we can find out how. If your charges can be dismissed or reduced, we look at every avenue toward those goals. We know how high the stakes are when apprehensions for violent crimes, theft, financial crimes and juvenile crimes are carried out. We rise to the occasion, on your behalf, at every stage of the process — from arrest and indictment to trial, if needed, and beyond.

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