When DUI Charges Threaten Your Georgia Driver's License

Has a drunk driving arrest or series of serious traffic violations endangered your Georgia driving privileges?

You can trust our client-focused DUI defense lawyers to work hard for a favorable outcome for you, just as we have served so many motorists in your position in Cook County for decades.

We are Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC, in Adel.

If you are a repeat offender convicted of a drunk driving charge, you could wind up with a revoked or suspended license, sent to jail, face heavy fines and suffer damage to your reputation. These are bleak prospects which you should not surrender to without a fight.

Our law firm is highly experienced at representing DUI clients at administrative hearings, in negotiations with prosecutors and in court. We conduct in-depth examinations of what happened at your DUI stop, with the goal of discrediting dubious police procedures. We gather the facts of your case, to put whatever is positive before a judge. And we know the many ways that a DUI arrest can go wrong, when law enforcement confuses erratic driving for drunk driving.

Do you suspect that you were pulled over by police because of a malfunction with your vehicle, a hazardous road, bad weather or a prescription drug you were taking? These are the kinds of factors we use to protect your rights and driver's license.

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