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Trick or treat? Drugs in disguise prompt criminal defense

Georgia residents are likely aware that the drug problem across the nation continues to grow, and stories of drug-related deaths and arrests have become a staple of daily news. In what may be a response to the efforts of law enforcement to rid the community of illegal and dangerous drugs, some drug dealers have found a clever new way to disguise them. Unfortunately, this may lead to a greater need for criminal defense

Personal injury prompts homicide charges

A Georgia family recently found themselves living every parent's worst nightmare when not one but two of their children were seriously hurt. Certainly, parents do everything they can to keep their children safe, but on some occasions, circumstances beyond their parental reach can lead to personal injury. The negligent and careless actions of a stranger can cause an entire family to suffer when children are injured or killed. 

Father's concern becomes a matter of family law

Co-parenting can be challenging under any circumstances, but particularly when two parents find themselves at odds. Recently, a  disagreement over child support and child custody caused one father to take action when he saw evidence that his child was in imminent danger. In Georgia and elsewhere, matters of family law can often become contentious, but disputes must be handled through the legal system. 

Is there a high risk of personal injury at concerts?

Georgia is a hot spot for performers, and the music industry has set up a stronghold in the Peach State. Hip hop, particularly, has several world famous artists based in Atlanta and the surrounding area. One benefit of this is that concertgoers flock to Georgia from all across the nation, bringing a much needed boost to local business. Though attending a concert can be a fun way to enjoy music, it is becoming clear that the large crowds and loud atmosphere lead to a risk of personal injury

Tips for putting down your phone while behind the wheel

Georgians are just a few months into following the new Hands-Free Georgia Act designed to curb cell phone use while driving. The legislation went into effect on July 1, but many drivers in the state are still adjusting to the strict policy against holding or otherwise touching a cell phone while behind the wheel.

Personal injury results in death of child

Football season has returned to Georgia, and in a state that is known to be fanatic about the sport, fans flock to the stands to see competition from every skill level. Involvement in youth sports has long been touted as a good way for youths to make friends, learn discipline and stay out of troubles that often result from boredom. Though the game itself has adjusted to reduce the chance of personal injury for young players in recent years, not all gridiron injuries result from physical contact with other players. 

Large retail chain closes stores amid bankruptcy

Georgia shoppers may be familiar with the department store chain, Kmart. It offers a variety of goods, from clothing and household goods to groceries and toys. Shoppers can find name brand items at discount prices, and many enjoy bargain hunting as they shop. Many people may not be aware that Kmart' s parent company, Sears, is currently in bankruptcy proceedings

Nonpayment of child support is a matter of family law

For Georgia residents who may not be familiar with the term, child support is money paid by one parent to another to ensure that any children they share have their financial needs met as they grow. When a parent fails to make timely and accurate payments to the best of their ability, a child may suffer, and the other parent may be unfairly burdened with financial strain. Non-payment of child support can become a matter of family law

OSHA takes new steps related to trench safety

Some construction workers do trench-related work as part of their position. Trenches raise a range of important safety issues. This is because of the great harm that can come from trench collapses or similar accidents. Such incidents can seriously injure construction workers, or take their lives. Unfortunately, the U.S. has recently seen a spike in deaths connected to trenches.

Was your traffic stop legal?

Have you ever felt you have been stopped by a law enforcement officer and did not think the stop was justifiable? Then, during the stop, the officer begins discussing another suspicion they have encountered and the focus completely shifts away from the reason for the original stop? If this has happened to you, it is within your rights to challenge the initial stop. If the stop ends up being ruled unjustified by a court, any evidence that was found by the officer during the stop would be deemed inadmissible. 

New information in DUI arrest may help criminal defense

It was recently reported that a Georgia woman was arrested because she caused am accident that tragically killed a 5-year-old child. The woman was charged with DUI. It was noted that she was a mental health professional that assisted patients battling substance abuse. Now, it seems she may have a very solid explanation when she is able to present a criminal defense. 

Well-known nightclub enters bankruptcy proceedings

Many Georgia residents may be familiar with a once popular adult nightclub called The Pink Pony. For many years, the club was a hot spot for late-night fun, drawing both regulars and tourists alike. In recent years, a law change has affected the club's financial situation, and representatives for the iconic club have announced they have filed for bankruptcy

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