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Criminal defense against accusations

Georgia residents may have personal references for a situation in which a person prepares to profess his or her love for another. It can be frightening to get up the nerve to tell a person how you feel about them, especially if the love may be unrequited. The fear of rejection can be difficult to overcome, but surely, most people would never consider that love letters may result in a need to present a criminal defense

Reality star prepares criminal defense after DUI arrest

Georgia residents are aware that being accused of a DUI is a serious matter. When people hear that a person has been arrested for this crime, they may imagine scenes they have seen on television of a driver obviously under the influence, swerving and slurring, becoming a danger to him- or herself and others on the road. While certainly, these scenarios are a reality on some occasions, many times, a person accused of DUI in Georgia is not actually guilty and may jump at the chance to present a criminal defense.

Exercising right to criminal defense

When Georgia residents peruse their local news, they may notice some of the stories reporting crimes are a bit one-sided. Many times, details that may pertain to a suspect's presentation of a criminal defense are left out of initial reports. When a person is arrested, that individual is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in court and beyond a reasonable doubt, and there is often much more to the story than the public is aware of. 

Trick or treat? Drugs in disguise prompt criminal defense

Georgia residents are likely aware that the drug problem across the nation continues to grow, and stories of drug-related deaths and arrests have become a staple of daily news. In what may be a response to the efforts of law enforcement to rid the community of illegal and dangerous drugs, some drug dealers have found a clever new way to disguise them. Unfortunately, this may lead to a greater need for criminal defense

New information in DUI arrest may help criminal defense

It was recently reported that a Georgia woman was arrested because she caused am accident that tragically killed a 5-year-old child. The woman was charged with DUI. It was noted that she was a mental health professional that assisted patients battling substance abuse. Now, it seems she may have a very solid explanation when she is able to present a criminal defense. 

Candidate cites political motives during criminal defense

Even if convicted of a misdemeanor crime, Georgia residents can face serious punishments, including jail time. Recently, a man running for public office found himself needing to present a criminal defense after he was convicted of a first offense DUI. Though he stated he had not consumed any alcohol for several hours prior to driving, a breathalyzer test indicated that he was still slightly over the legal limit, and he was later convicted in court. 

What happens to my license in a DUI arrest?

Among the various penalties that come with charges of driving under the influence, one that most Georgia residents dread is a license suspension or revocation. Having no license means you must find an alternate means of transportation like a bus station or working out a carpool schedule with a friend or co-worker.

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