Have Serious Traffic Violations Put Your Driving Privileges At Risk?

A succession of traffic tickets and serious moving violations can jeopardize your legal ability to operate a motor vehicle in Georgia.

Has this happened to you? Have charges such as speeding, reckless or careless driving, DUI or eluding police put your driving privileges at risk?

At our trusted, experienced traffic violations defense law firm of Carter, Carter & Carter, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we protect the rights of motorist clients in Adel, Valdosta and throughout Cook County.

We carefully inspect every detail of the charges you face, then engage in informed negotiations with prosecutors to have those charges reduced or dismissed. We handle every traffic violation that a driver can be accused of, from speeding tickets and distracted driving to impaired driving.

Whether you are a local citizen or were a tourist passing through town, if local or state police positioned on Interstate 75, or Highways 37 or 76 have stopped you for an alleged violation, we offer full-service legal counsel in a number of jurisdictions.

The Traffic Violations Lawyers You Want On Your Side In Hearings And In Court

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