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Criminal defense against accusations

Georgia residents may have personal references for a situation in which a person prepares to profess his or her love for another. It can be frightening to get up the nerve to tell a person how you feel about them, especially if the love may be unrequited. The fear of rejection can be difficult to overcome, but surely, most people would never consider that love letters may result in a need to present a criminal defense

Recently, a Georgia woman bared her heart in a series of love letters, sent in the form of emails, to a local man for whom she professed strong feelings. The messages, sent in the form of email, included song lyrics and honest personal thoughts about her love for the man. Unfortunately, her love interest did not return the gesture. 

What penalties will I face for an aggravated DUI?

Seeing flashing lights behind you after a night of drinking can make anyone anxious. But, what happens when you actually crash and possibly injure someone? What types of charges will you face and what are the consequences for them?

In 2017, there were over 20,000 driving under the influence convictions in Georgia. The state takes these types of charges seriously, which is why the penalties are so severe. It is important to know what is ahead of you if you are facing an aggravated DUI charge.

Bezos divorce could be interesting family law case to follow

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie, have recently announced they are getting divorced. This may be an interesting family law case for Georgia readers to follow as it could be the most expensive divorce in history. Technically, Mrs. Bezos could have an equal claim to all assets earned over the course of the marriage, but it is not immediately clear if she will pursue it.

Some divorce experts believe the couple will settle out of court, and Mrs. Bezos will walk away with an extremely generous settlement, though not necessarily a settlement worth half of her husband's net worth. This is because a portion of Bezos wealth is tied up in Amazon stock. If he sold them, he could lose his controlling stake in the company, and reports indicate this is not what Mrs. Bezos wants -- she supposedly wants the family's wealth to continue to grow.

Government shutdown may affect Social Security Disability cases

Georgia residents may be confused by the news of the partial federal government shutdown. They should know they are not alone, and citizens everywhere are scrambling to find out how the shutdown may affect individuals. Though some affected people may see it coming, the shutdown also may affect Social Security Disability cases. 

Though the agencies that handle Social Security Disability cases are still able to ensure that current recipients receive their benefits, new applicants may have a long wait. The process of applying for these benefits can already take upwards of several weeks or month, and with many employees in the Social Security offices furloughed, the process may take even longer. This means people who are qualified to receive benefits will not be able to collect them until someone finally gets around to his or her paperwork amid the chaos. 

Man causes serious personal injury to innocent woman

Georgia residents may be familiar with the sort of stress that can arise during times of financial difficulty. Unfortunately, one person's troubles can lead them to behave in a careless manner that causes personal injury to an innocent person. Recently, one woman suffered after being hurt during the commission of a crime.

The ordeal began when a Georgia man fell behind on payments for his expensive sports car. Representatives from the finance company showed up to repossess the vehicle. The car was partially on the tow truck when the man jumped in the driver's seat and attempted to drive the car away. 

Georgia police are at your door: Do you know your rights?

Like many adults in Georgia, you were likely raised to respect authority, cooperate and be polite toward any adults who were in charge of your care. Children often carry these lessons into adulthood, which, in many cases can be beneficial when interacting with employers, military leaders or police.

You may assume that if a police officer knocks on your door, you are supposed to invite him or her inside and cooperate as best you can. Cooperation is always a good idea; however, if the officer has shown up unannounced and suspects you of a crime, it is critical that you know what you are legally obligated to do (or not) to protect your rights and avoid self-incrimination.

Reality star prepares criminal defense after DUI arrest

Georgia residents are aware that being accused of a DUI is a serious matter. When people hear that a person has been arrested for this crime, they may imagine scenes they have seen on television of a driver obviously under the influence, swerving and slurring, becoming a danger to him- or herself and others on the road. While certainly, these scenarios are a reality on some occasions, many times, a person accused of DUI in Georgia is not actually guilty and may jump at the chance to present a criminal defense.

Recently, a reality television star was pulled over under suspicious circumstances. Georgia police claimed she ran a red light -- a common driving offense. Perhaps unaware that police had signaled for her to pull over, she reportedly drove a block or so before she pulled over. When officers approached the vehicle, they claimed to smell alcohol. The woman admitted she had had a drink earlier in the evening but insisted she did not drink enough to be over the legal limit.

Confusion over law can affect workers' compensation cases

Georgia has legalized the use of CBD oil, a medication derived from the cannabis plant, to treat a variety of maladies. Unfortunately, confusion remains regarding the exact wording of the laws. The matter has now become a hot-button issue because it is directly affecting workers' compensation cases. 

When a Georgia employee is injured on the job, he or she may be given a drug test to make sure substance abuse did not play a role in causing the accident. Though Georgia has approved CBD oil and other forms of medical marijuana, employers across the state are still firing employees who test positive for these substances, citing their Drug Free Workplace policies. An employee who has a positive drug test may be unable to file a workers' compensation claim. 

Local college students suffer serious personal injury

Scooters have become an increasingly popular way for people to travel. Especially in urban areas and college campuses, scooters can be rented, providing an affordable way for people to reach their destination, often saving riders time or a long walk. Georgia drivers in larger vehicles should always remain alert for people on foot, bikes or scooters, because when they don't, victims can suffer serious personal injury.

Recently, two students from the Georgia Southern University were riding a Lime Scooter, a popular brand of electric scooter. Resembling a traditional scooter that a rider would propel with his or her foot, an electric scooter is motorized. By all accounts, the students were operating the scooter safely and had the right-of-way. 

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