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Uncontested divorce could be the appropriate option for you

Georgia readers understand the divorce process is complex and difficult, even when both parties are amicable and agree to resolve issues out of court. For many couples, it is possible to bypass many of the complications associated with the end of a marriage by filing for an uncontested divorce. This could be a reasonable option for your unique situation.

Every divorce is different, and it may be beneficial to find out if an uncontested divorce could be a smart move for you and your spouse. There are many benefits to this choice, and it can be helpful to be fully aware of all of your options before you move forward with your divorce.

Driver-related distractions can come in numerous shapes and sizes

A motor vehicle accident can take place in the blink of an eye and leave you with little time to react to a potentially dangerous situation. While you may choose to remain alert and aware while driving on Georgia roads in hopes of avoiding a possible disaster, in some cases, this can prove to be a challenging, if not an impossible, feat.

While there are a multitude of scenarios in which you could become involved in such an incident, some continue to be more prevalent than others. One of the leading causes of accidents in recent years falls under distracted driving, and the consequences of such negligence can be severe.

What makes your DUI charge a felony?

Drunk driving is dangerous. This is probably a statement you have heard before and likely believe to be true. Even one or two drinks can alter your ability to control your vehicle and react to certain situations. However, if you are convicted of simple DUI one time, you will probably face the penalties of a misdemeanor, which may mean fines, community service and license suspension, but no jail time.

If you are facing felony DUI charges, that is another matter completely. Each states has its own laws and penalties for drunk driving, so a felony charge in one state may be a misdemeanor in another. However, there are some situations in general that place you in danger of a felony DUI conviction.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy: What's good and what's bad about it

Regardless of how it happened, you may find yourself in dire financial straits. You may struggle to pay your necessary bills each month, and creditors may be lining up for payment. No matter how hard you try, you simply can't keep up with the overwhelming amount of debt.

You may have decided to find out more information about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but still hesitate to take that first step. Perhaps it's because you need to know what the pros and cons are before you make your final decision.

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