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Crossing guard suffers serious personal injury

Georgia residents, especially parents, appreciate the often overlooked job of the school crossing guard. Though children may only see their local crossing guard for a few moments each day, the crossing guard is an essential part of school safety. What may appear to be a simple job is actually quite stressful, and crossing guards risk their lives daily to prevent harm to children. A job that entails a human being stepping out onto busy roads to control traffic carries a serious risk of personal injury.

Recently, a Georgia crossing guard was directing traffic to safely guide children across the road. One driver, allegedly distracted by his cell phone use, failed to slow or stop. He slammed into a vehicle to whom the guard had given right of way, and this vehicle spun into the guard. Witnesses claim the woman's body flew several yards upon impact.

Candidate cites political motives during criminal defense

Even if convicted of a misdemeanor crime, Georgia residents can face serious punishments, including jail time. Recently, a man running for public office found himself needing to present a criminal defense after he was convicted of a first offense DUI. Though he stated he had not consumed any alcohol for several hours prior to driving, a breathalyzer test indicated that he was still slightly over the legal limit, and he was later convicted in court. 

His court date occurred in the middle of his campaign, and he has vowed to not let his sentence of six months in jail derail his political ambitions. He has vowed to appeal his conviction and is continuing to run his campaign from his jail cell. He is asking the court to release him on bond during the appeal process. 

What happens to my license in a DUI arrest?

Among the various penalties that come with charges of driving under the influence, one that most Georgia residents dread is a license suspension or revocation. Having no license means you must find an alternate means of transportation like a bus station or working out a carpool schedule with a friend or co-worker.

Losing your ability to drive anywhere you want can be incredibly inconvenient. In addition, the penalties for your license occur in the Georgia Department of Driver Services rather than the courtroom. You will have a license suspension no matter what type of DUI conviction you get, so it is important to know the levels of suspension and how you can get back on the road.

Finding relief from creditors through bankruptcy

When a Georgia reader makes the decision to move forward with bankruptcy, he or she likely has many questions regarding what to expect and what the future will look like after the process is complete. It is not easy to make the choice to move ahead with either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but the automatic stay is one of the many benefits this legal process offers to consumers.

One of the most stressful aspects of owing a significant amount of debt, regardless of the type, is the constant phones calls and letters from creditors. Debt collectors and creditors have the right to attempt to collect on owed balances, but there are certain rules they have to follow. Filing for bankruptcy will enact the automatic stay, which will effectively halt all contact from creditors.

More older Americans exploring bankruptcy option

Georgia residents may be among the millions of Americans that consider themselves overwhelmed by personal debt. A recent report shows that more elderly Americans are choosing bankruptcy as a way to escape the burden of financial debt and begin their golden years with a clean slate. Many of these people are facing debt that has mounted over the course of several decades. 

One woman stated that she would love to retire, but she could not afford to be without a job because she still owed money on a variety of debts, including student loans from almost 20 years ago. The woman was in her 70's, and she had been laid off from her previous position. She worried that if she could not make her payments, she could lose everything she had worked so hard for, including her home. 

Musician's lavish lifestyle becomes a matter of family law

Georgia residents may be among the millions of Americans that have a legal issue within their own family. Issues like divorce, adoption and child support are some of the many situations that make their way to family law court. Child support can seem like a tricky issue, because even when an order has been put in place by a court, a change in either parent's income can bring about a need for a review. 

Recently, popular Georgia musician Gucci Mane found himself in exactly this situation. The court had previously ordered him to pay the mother of his son about $2,000 per month toward the care of his young son, with whom he has visitation rights. At the time the order was put into place, the amount was calculated based on the current income of both parents. By all reports, the payments were made on time. 

Teens suffer personal injury at hands of unsafe driver

Georgia parents, especially those who are raising teenagers, may be familiar with the type of anxiety they feel when their children venture out with friends. Parents usually try to allow their teens a certain level of independence, and hope that their children make smart and safe decisions away from home. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that a teen can suffer personal injury as a result of unsafe behavior of another child. 

Recently, a Georgia teen was driving a pickup in a rain storm, with another teenage girl in the passenger seat. The driver was reportedly driving far too fast to safely maneuver on the rain-soaked road. He lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn.

When do you need to file for bankruptcy?

Many Americans who are struggling to pay their debt are avoiding filing for bankruptcy. It can be hard to admit to your friends and family that you are bankrupt, and the effects of filing serves as a blemish on your credit history. It can be daunting to consider filing for bankruptcy, but sometimes it is necessary.

If you decide that you are in need of filing for bankruptcy, you are not alone. 12.8 million individuals field for bankruptcy between 2005 and 2017.

Most common traffic violations in Georgia

When you see those lights come in your rear-view mirror, do you find yourself wondering what you possibly did wrong? Whether you have a stellar driving record or several previous stops, you're probably starting to think about the potential consequences of what the officer pulled you over for.

Driving is a way of life for many Georgia residents, whether commuting to and from work and school or driving to social activities. With so many cars on the road, accidents occur daily and are often because of traffic violations. While these laws intend to prevent chaos on the road, it seems many people still violate the laws and therefore put themselves and others at risk.

Uncontested divorce could be the appropriate option for you

Georgia readers understand the divorce process is complex and difficult, even when both parties are amicable and agree to resolve issues out of court. For many couples, it is possible to bypass many of the complications associated with the end of a marriage by filing for an uncontested divorce. This could be a reasonable option for your unique situation.

Every divorce is different, and it may be beneficial to find out if an uncontested divorce could be a smart move for you and your spouse. There are many benefits to this choice, and it can be helpful to be fully aware of all of your options before you move forward with your divorce.

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